If you are ready and willing to start a career path but lack the funds and time to go to college for four years or more, do not give up just yet.

There is another way you can get training that will actually give you an advantage in the job market. This is because you can opt for an alternative career training option.

Career training programs take less amount of time and are cheaper as compared to college. With them, you can qualify quickly for a good job.

There are various fields you can venture into without having a college degree and still earn incomes similar to those earned by people who went to college. Some short-term career training programs include:

Commercial drivers

They transport goods in trailers and trucks for various companies. To get a certificate in this course, all you require is to complete a written test as well as a driving test. The best part is that with this certificate, you can also work as a bus driver.

The training lasts for two to six weeks.

Hair stylists

As a hair stylist, you will cut, straighten, color, shampoo, and curl people’s hair. To get the certificate, you will need to complete a written test as well as a practical skills test.

You can work in a salon, barbershop, or a beauty spa. The training takes around ten months.

Emergency medical technicians

This certificate will allow you to work as a first point of contact in emergencies for people who are injured or ill. An EMT provides medical assistance to patients and stabilizes them before a doctor sees them.

The basic level training for this program is a hundred hours.

Massage therapists

As a massage therapist, your responsibility will be to massage the soft tissues and muscles of clients to relieve their pain, increase relaxation, and minimize stress. You will also give advice to people on how they can reduce muscle tension throughout the day to achieve relaxation.

You can work in hospitals, fitness centers, spas, and with chiropractors.

Training takes around one year.

Certified nursing assistants

With this training, you will be able to provide support to professional medical staff by observing the health status of patients and reporting changes in their vital signs.

You can work in any health facility. The training takes around four to six weeks with at least 75 hours of training.

Personal trainers

A personal trainer certificate will allow you to develop fitness routines for different clients. The training lasts twelve weeks, and you can work in fitness centers and private homes.

Sales trainees

As a sales trainee, you will interact with customers and encourage them to buy certain products. Great social and interpersonal skills will give you an easy advantage in this field.

You can literary work for any organization with this certificate. Training takes about three months.

Physical therapy aids

The training will give you skills to provide support to physical therapists and their assistants. You will schedule appointments, prepare patients for procedures, and arrange the equipments required.

The training period is three to twelve months.

The above programs and many others not listed above offer certificates at the end of the course. The certificates are confirmation that you fully understand how operations flow in a specific field in your industry of interest.

Benefits of career training programs

Save time

Career training options take only one to two years to learn, unlike the college option that takes four years and more.

If you opt for a career-training program immediately after college, then you will be in the job market two years later after finishing your certificate. This gives you two extra years ahead of your college peers in terms of experience and earning.

Specific career direction

Career training prepares students for specific careers in the job market. For example, a commercial driver certificate will direct the student directly into commercial driving after school.

You will find a job faster with this training because you know where to look. College degrees are vast and give students broad career options, thus leaving them confused about which direction to head.

The career path of college graduates is also less specific, and this takes them longer to find employment.


Career training programs’ fees are lower as compared to college fees. You will save a lot of money by opting for the training program.

Think about what you could do with the amount of money that you would use to pay college fees for four years. You could use that money to start a business that may turn out to be successful.


The programs are more flexible than college degrees are. You can take them during your free time and incorporate them into your schedule.