When getting out of the military, it can be hard to find a job that suits you. Not only do you want to find something you’ll enjoy, but also a career that can use some of the skills you learned. In this article, we’re going to take a look at 7 of the best career paths for veterans. This includes jobs for those that only spent a few years in the service, as well as those that have moved up the ranks over the years.


Not only is this a great career for any veteran, but it’s especially great for those that had the role of a combat medic. This particular job tends to meet a lot of wants for the veterans that apply. In addition to working in a fast-paced environment, you’ll also be working as part of a team. You’ll probably need to get a few extra certifications, but this can be done in a matter of months. Depending on your location, you could make between $25,000 and $70,000 per year.

Government/Public Administration

Another great career path for veterans is in government or public relations. While in the military, veterans learn many different skills, like leadership and public relations that would be great in this sector. These types of careers tend to have plenty of room for growth and very flexible hours. Depending on the exact job you get, you’ll make around $45,000 every year. Keep in mind, those with more skills or certifications will end up making more than someone that’s just starting out in that career sector.

Law Enforcement

There are a large number of veterans that choose to go into law enforcement. The biggest reason for this is because a lot of the skills veterans learn in the military are the same skills needed for law enforcement. Some of the possible jobs in this sector include police officers, corrections officers, or investigators. You’ll need to go through the police academy and pass all certifications, but you can expect to earn around $56,000 a year, depending on your exact role.


Healthcare is one of the most popular career paths that veterans choose to take and many of the skills they’ve already learned are great for jobs in this sector. Not only is the environment fast-paced, but they’ll need to work as a team. One of the best things about healthcare careers is that they are usually very mission-based, which is great for a newly retired veteran that’s still in that mindset. You’ll need to go through some schooling, but the average yearly earnings you could make is around $66,000 a year.

Warehouse Worker

Since there are many types of warehouses in the world, it can be easy to find a career that uses your skills and training. Not only do these jobs require a lot of physical work, but you’ll also be working with your hands. This particular sector is booming right now due to the world’s pandemic and the increasing need for essential items. You shouldn’t need much additional training and you should be able to start working pretty quickly. On average, the yearly income for a warehouse job is around $26,000.

Security Guard

Every single person in the military has a duty to protect the citizens. The same thing can be said about security guards. This career is a great option for those that don’t want to re-enlist but still want to help civilians as much as possible. Veterans have very specific training and are one of the first choices for those trying to hire a security guard. It’s also a great option for those that want to go into law enforcement but don’t have the time or funds to go through the extensive training. On average, the yearly salary for a security guard is around $35,000.

Operations Manager

The final job we’ll talk about is an operation manager. The exact job responsibilities will differ from job to job, but most of them will require you to improve operations and make things more efficient. Most companies will require a bachelor’s degree or leadership experience, but some will give you on-the-job training. There are many different job titles in this field and you could make up to $99,000 every year.

While these are only a few of the options, it’s great for getting an idea of the kinds of career paths you could follow. At first, you might have to find something that you don’t necessarily like, but you can look for better options while you keep yourself afloat. There’s no right or wrong answer and remember to do what will make you happy and feel fulfilled with life.