One of the best ways to spend your free time is by doing something that may help advance your career. Do you know there are a variety of online courses you can take to help give you a competitive edge in your career?

Instead of spending your free time sleeping or doing stuff that do not really add value to you, you can try out a free online course.

Here are some online course options that will develop your career:

How to succeed at interviews

Learning how to excel in interviews will put you on top of the game in the job market. It is a useful way to spend your free time and you can learn important tips you can use to gain favor with interviewers.

This course will greatly benefit you if you are new to the job market or at the stage of writing CVs and submitting your applications.

You do not require any prior knowledge to take this course. Such courses last for about one week so go ahead, look for a related course, and learn how to stay ahead of your peers in the job market.

Leadership courses

Most careers require individuals to have great leadership qualities. Leadership skills are one of the common requirements in any job description.

Maybe you have never had a leadership position at work or at school. You can change this by taking a short leadership course online and learn what it takes to be an excellent leader.

Leadership courses offer certificates upon completion, so you will get extra papers to add to your resume. You can take the course online at your convenience and learn key things such as, self-acceptance, self-management, how to handle workplace challenges, how to lead group projects, your strengths and weaknesses.

Leadership courses generally take up to six weeks.

Emerging technologies

Most organizations today like to keep up with emerging technology. No organization wants to grow outdated in the market. Sometimes the organization may not train its current staff on emerging technology because of the costs. The companies figure that hiring new staff with knowledge on the current technology trends would save time and resources. This move would not be favorable to your career.

Even if you have experience in your job, keep yourself up to date on technology matters during your free time in order to secure your job and make yourself indispensable.

Resilience at work courses

Most people who get into the job market encounter many challenges because the environment is new to them. How will you ensure that you get to keep the job you have? The workplace has many challenges like pressure from bosses to meet deadlines, competition, trouble from co-workers who see you as a threat, and stress from dealing with rude uncooperative clients among others.

Resilience at work courses will provide you with skills and information that you need to keep your calm at work and have high quality performance in stressful work situations. The courses may last between four to six weeks.

Stop wasting your free time doing nothing. Step out of your comfort zone and advance your career today.