We have all had that moment where although you have the perfect resume, you suddenly come across a certain job post, which has specific requirements that you have not included in your resume.

What do you do when that happens? Most people tend to ignore this and send their resume regardless. Chances are high that they never receive any feedback, and if they do, it is a regret.

So, what do you need to do to ensure you nail that job application and receive an interview invitation?

Simple, just customize your resume to contain all the skills and requirements needed. Some organizations do not go through each application they receive. They simply set up software known as Applicant Training System (ATS) to scan and identify the resumes with the specific skills they need and shortlist those applicants. The rest get no feedback or receive regret feedback.

This makes it highly critical to customize your resume to give yourself a chance to stand out among the applicants.

How to tailor your resume for a specific job

Identify what the company considers most important

Carefully go through the job description, find out what the needs and requirements of the company are, and then mirror your resume to fit it perfectly. Do not exaggerate on things you do not have, like saying you have a Master’s degree yet you have a Bachelor’s degree. Lying could end up doing more damage than good to you.

Instead, look for the responsibilities mentioned. Take note of those mentioned first and those that are lower on the list. Tailor your resume by focusing on the high-ranking responsibilities.

Are there any specific requirements? Identify what they are and incorporate them into your papers.

Look out for any repeated skills. If one appears more than once then it is important. Ensure to emphasize it on your resume.

Mirror the resume content with the job description

After identifying what the company wants from its ideal applicant, customize your resume by matching the most visible parts of your resume to the significant requirements in the job description.

When an employer gets hold of your resume, they will not read it word for word. The employer is busy with other things and wants to spend the least amount of time possible on your application.

Edit the areas the employer is likely to skim through, such as the first few points under each previous job. Yes, your employment history is the first place an employer will look.

If the job wants someone who has leadership skills, mention any leadership activity you had within the first bullet points of your previous work history.

If you are fresh out of school and it is your first job application, mention any leadership projects you took part in at school or in the community.

In the case where your individual accomplishments are more than leadership experiences, start by mentioning the leadership experience then list your accomplishments. Start with what the employer needs.

Strategically insert important keywords

The same amount of effort you put in pleasing the employer should be the same effort you put in satisfying the machine.

Ensure that your resume makes it through the ATS. Employers save time and energy by only reviewing the applications that make it through the system. The system weeds out the rest of the applications.

How will your resume satisfy the machine?

Ensure that your resume has important keywords that were in the job description. If the job description says the company needs someone with a business mindset, include in your resume how you tend to have a business mindset when dealing with clients.

Proofread your resume!

Before you send the application after making the above adjustments to your resume, proofread it and check for any errors. Competition is exceedingly high in the job market, so ensure that your employer will not find any reason to count you out.

Edit out any mistakes and make sure everything is perfect and orderly before you click send.

Another important thing is how you name the document. A resume is an attached document, so give it a relevant name, preferably your own name like, ABC’s Resume. The employer will immediately identify it and open it.

There you go! Use the above tips in your next application and see how everything could change in your favor.