When it comes to career development, there are plenty of ways to learn new skills, make connections, and open doors in order to advance in the future. However, most of these methods require that you actually put real effort into your own development. One such way is by volunteering for a local or major non-profit or charity. Indeed, there are many potential volunteer options that can be a big boost to your career development. Here’s a look at some of the possibilities.

Join a Non-Profit Board

Non-profit boards can be a great way of making connections and getting involved with a noble community cause. If you find one that is active, engaged, and truly trying to make a difference, you can give your career a huge boost. Joining a non-profit can introduce you to powerful community members or up-and-coming stars like yourself. It can also help you learn new skills, do good in your neighborhood, and hone vital fundraising skills that can be invaluable for your career. Last, you never know how many doors joining a non-profit can actually open, and how those connections may boost your career in the future.


Like the above, becoming a fundraiser can help you learn some invaluable new skills, including networking and connection building. However, fundraising can be harder. Depending on the reputation and specifics of what the non-profit wants you to do, you may have to call up total strangers and ask them to open your wallet for the cause you are supporting. Of course, this can involve a variety of other skill set expansions, including database management or fundraising follow-up. This, of course, can be a very good thing, as these are invaluable skills that can help you expand your network, skill set, and overall marketability for your future career development. 

Lending Your Other Skills

If you are looking to develop your skills in a certain area, that would imply that you already have skills to lend. Regardless of your specific skill-set – be it marketing, database management, or human resources – you may be able to lend those skills to local non-profits in some sort of volunteer management. If you know a non-profit that you support, reach out to them and see how you can be of service to them. 

This will not only provide you with a chance to practice your workplace skills but give you the opportunity to use them in an entirely new setting. This can better sharpen your skill-set and enable you to be better at what you do in a brand new environment.

If done strategically, volunteering can be a huge boost to your career. It can open new doors, give you the chance to connect with prominent community members, and let you do some good within your community. It is absolutely worth the time you invest in.