There is, of course, no question that the world is constantly changing. However, the rate of change is accelerating, and there are more and more careers that are being automated or outright eliminated. As such, individuals have a new consideration when it comes to their economic future: What career is likely to be in demand in the future? 

Thankfully, many careers are likely to see major growth in the future. As such, here are some future-proofed careers.

Video Game Designers

Normally, a field that deals largely with technology is one that would be expected to be at risk for automation. However, the combination of computer programming and creativity has pushed this field into a greater degree of demand, and available statistics show that the field is exploding in both demand and salary. Furthermore, the video game field is decentralizing. It is no longer controlled by just a few big studios. Instead, more and more independent studios are popping up, and thanks to platforms like Steam, finding it easier to get their game directly into the hands of consumers. It is also easier than ever for independent hits to become popular on big console platforms. All of this is fueling more and more demand for video game designers.

Fashion Designer 

Again, a field that requires creativity cannot be easily replaced. Fashion design is one of these fields, as the job has a wide array of skill sets that cannot be replicated by a computer. Fashion design is another field that has been decentralized and is seeing growing demand and increasing pay. Furthermore, it now involves a variety of other fields, including computer skills and graphic design. Indeed, in some ways, it’s similar to video games, in that it involves merging certain types of creativity and technology.

Personal Care Aide

It is no secret that America is a graying nation, and the numbers of seniors we have are absolutely exploding. This means that more and more people will need personal care, and that means that there are plenty of demands for this field. Indeed, the personal care field is exploding, and there is a perpetual shortage in this area.

The one thing working against this field is that the pay is low. However, if the shortage continues, pay increases can absolutely be expected.

Nursing and Related Fields

For the same reasons noted above, nursing, nurses aides and anyone in the nursing field is likely to be a highly in-demand field for the foreseeable future. Again, the medical field is very difficult to replace, given the intermingling of physical, emotional, and intellectual skills that are necessary to be successful in this area.

Nursing assistants, in particular, are expected to be in demand. These jobs involve lighter training than becoming a nurse, as it deals with record taking and managing a variety of physical activities.

Truck Driver

There is a massive shortage of truck drivers at the moment. This is for a variety of reasons, including tough working environments, high pressure, and low pay.

However, if you enjoy driving, this job may be perfect for you, as the job can keep you on the road. Furthermore, many truck drivers can make their own hours, and the pay is great, with the average truck driver making $57,000 a year.

There’s an important caveat to the demand for this field: In the short-term and medium-term, there is no question that there is a demand for truck drivers. However, the future is a different story: Truck driving is thought to be highly susceptible to automation. As such, a long-term career in this field may not be a viable career option.

Human Resources

Human Resources is a field that involves dealing with employees in terms of retention, training, recruitment, and management. It often involves making very difficult decisions, like hiring and firing. As such, it is a job that requires creativity, ingenuity, and compassion. It also typically involves the development of unique skills that can not be transferred to other employees. Given the importance of human development and employee management, and the fact that these skills typically cannot be replaced via technology, this is likely a relatively future-proofed field.

Technology and trends may change, evolve, and render many careers obsolete. However, that is highly unlikely to happen in the above fields.