Choosing which career you want to have in your life is one of the most difficult questions that anyone must answer. There are thousands of different jobs available and it can be a nightmare trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. There are many factors that you need to consider when choosing a career, like salary, hours, skills, experience, interests and more. With so many things to consider, it is a challenge to narrow your search to one job. If you are like most people in the world, you may not be able to narrow your search. Here are some things that you can try if you are not sure about what career you want to have.

Career Aptitude Test

One of the best places to start if you are having difficultly deciding on a career is to take a career aptitude test. You can find these tests online or in a career planning book. When taking this test remember to take your time and really think about your interests and what you want from a career. The test will give you different options for what you may want to consider doing for the rest of your life based on your answers to the test. While some people will like their answers, others may not. Even if you do not like the suggestions you get, you should consider all career options given because they could surprise you.

Major in Undecided

Another great idea for those who do not know what they want to do is to go to college. While this may seem like a waste of money, it is not. You can begin your college adventure as an undecided freshman. This means that you can take a variety of different classes to see what interests you. In college you will be exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of different career options. After your first year, you may have a better idea of what you want to do and can begin narrowing down your search.


A great way to see if you would be happy in a job is to take on an internship. You can work with the organization for a few months to determine if you like what the company does. You can learn about the hours you must work, responsibilities, work setting and more. You will be able to tell within a month or so if you would stay at that career forever. If you are unhappy, you can easily quit and try out a new internship.

Ask a Career Planner

If you are really stuck, you can hire a career planner to help you. They will likely start by giving you a career aptitude test and then talk to you about your options. They will give you precise feedback and goals for the future. Their guidance and feedback can help you narrow down your job search and may even help you find your dream job. Most are very good at what they do so you need to remain open to their ideas.