Determining the career to pursue is critical because careers dictate the direction your life takes. It is important to take time and carefully think about what career path you will take and what requirements you need to have in order to achieve your career goals.

Here are some of the things you need to understand about career matters:

Career clusters

They refer to a way of grouping careers. Careers can be broad and segmented into different categories. These career clusters work by grouping careers with common features together. This makes it easier for individuals, especially students, to have an idea of what job they will get from each career. Each career cluster has hundreds of careers.

If you are about to enter the job market or join college, you need to learn about career clusters because some jobs that are in high demand today, may not be available tomorrow.

Career clusters will help you:

Think big – They will help you view your career options broadly through various career fields and the options in each field.

  • Save time-They will save you a lot of time and energy because all your options are in specific groups and you will eliminate what does not work for you easily.
  • Take control-Career clusters will present to you all the choices available so that you make decisions based on what suits you best.
  • Stand out- The clusters have a lot of information on the basic skill requirements for specific fields. Learning the skills and seeking the needed knowledge will help you grab the attention of employers in the job market.

Career pathways

These are the small groups of occupations that form a career cluster. All the occupations within a career pathway possess common skills, interests, and knowledge.

There are six major career pathways recognized globally. They are:

  • Arts and communication
  • Health sciences
  • Natural resources and agri-science
  • Humanities
  • Business, management, marketing, and technology
  • Engineering, manufacturing, and industrial technology

Once you determine which career pathway is best for you, gather as much information as you can on it. For instance, they will help you know what people do in that career, how much they earn, how the work environment looks like, training requirements, and projects involved among others.

Factors to consider when contemplating career clusters and pathways

Your skills

When contemplating about careers, always pay attention to the skills you have. What are you naturally good in? Your skill set will make it easier for you to find work and excel in a career because skilled labor is always in high demand.

Your personality

Before you select your career path, examine your personality type. Are you an extrovert or an introvert? If you are an extrovert, you will likely excel in careers that require intense interactions with people. Such careers include sales and marketing, health care, medicine, and customer service among others. If you are introverted, you need to choose a career that has minimal socialization like freelance writing and editing, paralegal, and software engineering among others.


What kind of lifestyle do you prefer? When considering a career, you need something that will give you satisfaction in your daily life. If you do not like many distractions, fast-paced movements, and noise, then a career located in the middle of a big city will not fully satisfy you. You are better off working in remote areas with less population. If you enjoy a fast-paced life, then a city job will suit you.


Happiness is an important factor to consider in a career, but so is marketability. Before you embark on a career path and get an education related to it, consider whether it has any future in the market. Choose a career that will make you find a job easily without much struggle. Some careers sound fancy but may later frustrate you because they have no market in your region or country.

Open mindedness

One factor that will promote career growth is open mindedness. You might find yourself taking a completely different successful career path that you never thought you would. Several successful people testify that the main reason they are successful is that they had an open mind in their approach. When you enter the job market, be open to what comes your way since you never know where it might take you.

Since it is critical that you make the right career choices, be sure to take your time to find a career that best fits you.