Many people confuse career growth with career development or use them interchangeably. Career growth and career development are closely related in that one depends on the other. For you to grow in your career, you have to implement a career development plan. In simpler terms, career development is the process of choosing a career and advancing in it while career growth is the ability to learn new skills and integrate them in your career path. When the two are integrated, success or self-actualization in terms of career is achieved.

Why is career growth and career development important?

For employers, career growth brings a sense of security to a company. When you show growth signs, your employer knows that you will not be stuck in the same old routine for years. After all, employers consider it wasteful to have an employee who cannot adapt to business trends and new technologies.

Career development, on the other hand, increases the usability of employees over time. Even though an employee will keep doing the same task for years, their efficiency, time management skills, and their understanding of the task will improve over time. This is to say that with career development, you learn better aspects of doing what you do. Ultimately, you are both comfortable and efficient.

Between career development and career growth which comes first?

Whether you are an employer or employee, developing your career brings fulfillment to your innate desires. However, what most people do not know is that you cannot grow in your career without a development plan. For example, you cannot drive if you do not have a car. Career growth is the car while career development is the small steps you make each day to get to/buy a car. This is to say that you must have the thought before developing an action plan.

What do I need to grow in my career: career growth or career development?

While it is clear that you need both to advance in any career, developing a career development plan is the first step to growth. This is because in the development plan, you include all aspects of your career. Tips to help you progress in your career:

  • Work closely with a mentor or a coach in order to know the areas you need to improve on
  • Use your appraisals and request for regular feedback
  • Make a detailed plan
  • Research more on your field and network with people who have excelled in your field